About us

Community Aid Fund established on February 2006 as non-profit public benefit association, with seriously background in youth and social project activities and “Social services” valid license from National Social Aid Agency.
The CAF works to ensure the sustainable development of the community by promoting charity and support the realization of civil initiatives relevant to local needs.
The objectives of the Fund are:

  • to empower the community in municipality of Kardzhali, to meet their needs and resolve issues at the local level; To stimulate dialogue and consensus in the community in identifying local needs and problems;
  • To promote cooperation between the municipality, non-profit organizations and businesses for sustainable local development;
  • To contribute to the expansion of the opportunities for direct citizen participation by the community in determining the priorities of local development;
  • To unify human and financial resources and to guide them to making the total identified interests and priorities of the community;
  • To initiate, carry out or support specific projects and programs, cooperating for the development of the community; To conduct measures like as consulting, studies or surveys, with the purpose increasing of the employment. Develops and implemented projects and programs, with which to initiated by itself or to act in support of the municipal, regional, national and international institutions on activities engaged in youth policy;