Project “Sports Teaches with no Borders”

Approved for funding by The Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria; it aims to establish good and long-term relationship among various organizations from Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece; its activities involve sports and trainings targeting children from the border regions. Period: 2006 Budget: 65 300 leva

Project “Promoting social integration and personal development of individuals from risk groups in the labor market in the region of Kardzhali”

Main objective: Promoting social integration and personal realization of those disadvantaged in the labor market, develop and utilize their human resources to contribute to increasing sustainable employment in the municipality of Kardzhali. Funding by The state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria for 2007 Period: 2007 Budget: 48 000 leva

Project “Center for social integration and support of employment”

The project aims to create conditions to find adequate options for countering the local level, the negative impact of economic crisis glabalnata in terms of employment in the municipality of Kardzhali. The main activities: Situation analyse of the labour market. Vocational educational training for unemployed people. Upgrade and actualization of internet platform for on-line education. Прочети още…

Project “E-bureau for social services”

The project aims to ensure people (20), who take care of someone “dependent” relative (with disabilities). We provide trainings and motivate them to work as freelancers as internet traders, call operators, social marketing, insurance agents or something else. Training objects are ITC literacy, English language, Practical work with internet trade platforms (ebay) and Motivate training. Прочети още…